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Company Blog >> The classification of the garage door – rolling shutter garage door

 The classification of the garage door – rolling shutter garage door

Rolling shutter garage door:
The shutter slat adopts high strength 6063 t5 aluminum alloy double layer extrusion (single).6063 is the world common alloy, the applicable scope is wide, especially various kinds of construction industry, for the production of doors, Windows and other lightweight components and health, office appliance.Expressed in 6 at the beginning of aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as the main alloying element, its good corrosion resistance, weldability, cold work performance is good, moderate intensity.
Roller shutter garage door product features:
1. the slat thickness is double layer 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm, the largest production can be up to 9 m - 14 meters (the slice model from 60-120), the largest production width of 4 m and 12 m.The ability to resist wind maximum level 11.
2. with a diameter of 80 mm - 165 - mm shaft, 80-100 - mm 6063 t5 aluminum alloy guide rail.
3. surface treatment: electrostatic powder coating, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, easy to clean, color long durability.Surface treatment of the lacquer that bake, durable weathering resistance to the sun, rain, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, meet slight collision after can bounce back, such as damage can do single slice to replace, can join daylighting profiles in the slice between the sunshine to your car.
4. a variety of installation options including dressing, built-in, pack is installed, demand for space is not high.Do not take up the garage door interior space installation simple working fast to save time and beautiful fashion appearance.
5. safety protection device: can be attached to install infrared correlation systems and wireless remote control, optimal Thailand shutter garage door has the independent research and development of automatic doors security interlock, self-respect to achieve anti-theft door itself, more safety.
6. electric shutter garage door for ac tubular motor or external motor drive, 220 v or 110 v, save electricity, safe, quiet, with thermal protection device.UPS backup power supply can be configured manually or chain, to prevent power outages case body can normal open it.

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