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Company News >> How to choose a good roller shutter

How to choose a good roller shutter

Roller shutters in the manufacturing enterprises or workshop are almost all device of doors, shutter actually has a history for many years in foreign countries, and began to introduce of our country ten years ago, The shutter door has a very good anti-theft functions .so a lot of food and medicine industry warehouses are also using shutter to isolation, visible on the security front door screens is really in place.
The characteristics of the rolling shutter door:
1. pushing device, prevent to coercion, move the hydrodynamic security guard against theft.
2. (optional) encounter obstacles automatically rebound humanized design, prevent the hydrodynamic whereabouts runtime of car collision, make the person or vehicle to go through.Door body strong, and can be equipped with optional automatic alarm device) and the pushing device, prevent to coercion, move the hydrodynamic continues to call the police, security guard against theft.
3. can choose according to different characteristics of the building inside and outside outfit, containing three different installation way, after the open book door in the upper, save the garage internal space, and not the earth, rain, snow and other debris into the garage, beautiful fashion.
Book door of choose and buy method:
1. electric shutter supports manual function, manual, more convenient and quick.Power failure will clutch turn 90 degrees, can push operation.
2. electric shutter cannot exist the phenomenon of freewheeling, want to have double automatic card lock function.
3. observe whether the structure of electric rolling door is precision, good lubrication degree, good electric shutter radiator comparison, adopts full gears, chains, belts, then enhance the shutter movement as a whole life.

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