Such hurricane roller shutters can withstand high wind pressure

Such hurricane roller shutters can withstand high wind pressure
In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization in coastal areas and the rapid growth of social wealth density, typhoon disasters have greatly increased the disaster vulnerability and disaster chain susceptibility of coastal cities and buildings. In order to reduce losses caused by disasters, experts suggest that residents in coastal areas can install high-quality, durable wind-resistant shutters.
This kind of wind-resistant rolling shutter window is different from our common rolling shutter window. It mainly includes a rotating device, a curtain, and guide rails on the left and right sides. Each guide rail includes a guide rail body, and a guide rail groove is set on each guide rail body. The upper end of the curtain is connected to the rotating device, and the two sides of the curtain are respectively set in the corresponding guide rail grooves. Each guide rail body is also provided with a side buckle fixing groove, and the guide rail body is provided with a connecting side buckle fixing groove and the guide rail groove. The through hole of the curtain; on both sides of the curtain, I-shaped side buckles with large sides and small middle are respectively arranged. One side of the I-shaped side buckle is connected with the curtain, the middle is set in the through hole, and the other side is set in the through hole. The side buckle is fixed in the groove to prevent the curtain from falling out of the guide rail groove. Through the cooperation of the side buckle structure and the guide rail, the wind pressure resistance of the roller shutter is guaranteed, and it can be realized that the outer sunshade roller shutter is not easy to fall out of the track under the condition of strong wind, and it can also improve the reliability of the outer sunshade. sex.
Strong winds and heavy rains pose a threat to the personal and property safety of residents, and also test the wind pressure resistance and waterproof performance of house doors and windows. Therefore, people have also put forward higher requirements for the waterproof and compressive performance of doors and windows. In recent years, due to the outstanding performance advantages of wind-resistant roller shutters, there is no worry about aging problems or gas pollution. After the building reaches its life cycle, It can also be recycled and reused, and has been valued and supported by all walks of life.

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