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Industrial Roller Doors

  • Product No.:202352721629
  • Name:aluminium industrial rolling shutter door
  • Model:100mm,120mm hurricane slats,140mm hurricane slats
  • Color:Customize
  • Application:factory,public building,warehouse, airport
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Detailed description for industrial hurricane roller shutter rolling door: 
1. Rolling Industrial Door is noiseless during the moving process, which is controlled by motor.
2. It could use the manual system to operate the door after power off.
3. Each slats connected well that promise door running smooth and safe.

Features for Industrial roller shutter doors: 
1. Slat option: 100mm,120mm,140mm aluminum extruded slat(roller door panel),95mm steel foam slat.
2. Tubular motor option: 200-300 Nm,outside motor(300KG,600KG,1000KG,1500KG)
3. Color option: White, gray, cream (All kind of styles and colors are adjustable to users requirements)
4. Surface Finish: Powder Coating 
5. Material: aluminium
6. Open way: Electrical, manual,remote control,WIFI

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